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About Us Old


The Holistic Health Practitioner behind the Hertime

She has been studying female hormone health for over 20 years and created the Hertime formula once she started having debilitating periods.

Cody is also a fitness coach, and as she likes to say, a “happiness researcher”! She has been using this formula and sharing it with her clients for over 3 years, and now it’s available for everyone!


Jess is the Founder and CEO of Mixhers  

She is a mother of three and a supportive wife that has spent the last 11 years traveling around the world with her husband’s career. 

After connecting with many incredible women, she found that they all have discomforts and need relief from period symptoms. After struggling to find a product in the market for herself she realized it was time to create a product of her own. 


No matter the culture, age, language, or lifestyle, all women need balance.
Your period is supposed to simply just show up each month, without the pain or emotional upheaval that so often comes for the ride. Too many women suffer with mood swings, irritability, breast tenderness, cramps, crazy cravings, bloating & more when their period arrives. If you dread your monthly cycle and find yourself stocking up on pain relief, tissues and chocolate, then Hertime by Mixhers can help you address these issues from the inside out.
Our goal is to change women’s lives with the use of Hertime in order to let them live life to the fullest. We know that Hertime will provide a solution for many women which in return helps them show up every day for the many people relying on them day to day.
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