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8 Simple Steps for Better Health TODAY!

We have all been there! We have this urge to improve, make changes and be our best self! But then, where do we begin? In this blog post we are going to break down what Cody calls, “The 8 Main Pilars of Health,” which actually make healthy living seem like something easier for us to all achieve! Often we are overwhelmed with too much information so let’s simplify! Let’s begin.

Eat empowered! Feel empowered by your nutrition choices!
We often don’t realize that the food we fuel our body with has more effect than just our weight. We often think food: good, bad. Healthy, not healthy. In shape, out of shape.

We wanted to dig a little deeper and have you be equipped with even more information. Did you know that the food choices you make can have a major effect of the intensity, duration and symptoms of your cycle? The more whole, healthy and nutrient dense foods you can choose the better you will feel even during that time of the month!

Sweat often! You may be thinking we are referring to sweating as a way for you to shed weight…NO! We actually aren’t referring to weight at all. Sweat is an incredible way for women to detox their bodies naturally, boost mood and benefit from incredible endorphins! Even though sometimes it’s tough to get moving, I think we can all agree how incredible we feel after a great sweat!

Stress less. Are you laughing? Less stress would be nice, right? Actually there are incredible ways to relieve stress in your life even if you can’t change your daily routine or what is required of you.
Take slow, deep, controlled breaths. In and out with eyes closed. Take 3-5 minutes to improve your mood and mind clarity.
In a moment of stress slow down to write out your feelings pen to paper. Feel the nerves leave your body immediately!
Talk through your stress with a friend or family member just expressing your concerns. Be heard!
Brisk walk for 15 minutes to clear your mind.
Sit in a quiet, calm room even if that means turning on a show for your kids downstairs for a few minutes. Sit in silence or turn on calming music and slow down your mind. Again, deep breaths and take 10 minutes.
What are your stress coping mechanisms!

Live consciously. Live with intention. Live in a way that you are in control! Making your choices, you have a planned and scheduled day with items that you want to be on the list. What things make you feel happy? What do you enjoy? Don’t let the days pass one at a time swiftly without making choices consciously of how you want to improve, change and enjoy your days! Start living in the moment now!

Sleep. Not just sleep. Sleep DEEP. Did you know the average person needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep? We live in a society that often thinks sleep is for the weak or lazy. No, your body wants to perform at it’s ultimate level but without proper sleep and constantly feeling drained this is impossible. There is no caffeine that can replace the benefits of sleep!
Really, how many hours of sleep do you get per night? Can you shut off 30 minutes earlier and improve your hours a little but at a time?

WATER! We all know about hydration which is SO important but did you also know that water is the vehicle that carries nutrients at a faster pace! Water is what helps our body absorb minerals, vitamins and other substances! Water also works as a natural detox for your body! Think there is a reason that hertime is a drink mix for water? Absolutely!!! Does this all make you excited to drink more water?

Nurture YOURSELF! We understand. We are busy women ourselves with a lot of people to care for, work can be demanding and a lot of things take priority over ourselves. However, we want to invite you to find the time to love and nurture yourself personally. Surprisingly, of the other things you are required to do will also benefit when you have nurtured yourself personally. A hot bath once a week, read a favorite book for ten minutes, get a pedicure, do a face mask or schedule a massage. Show yourself some love so that you can continue showing up for all the people we know you care for as a fulfilled and energized woman! When you feel personally cared for we can be even more beneficial to those around us.

LOVE MORE Yes, love! It is a benefit to your health! Think about the feelings that arise in you when you receive a kind card, a random gift, a thoughtful phone call or just a great hug. The feeling that follows is light, airy, happy, energizing and fills our souls with joy. The best part of this is that it is a feeling for both the giver and the receiver! So, we want to challenge you to simply love more! Who can you write a note for, call or hug? Loving more will boost your mood, change your day and really give you great perspective on the important things in life.

Of course we have to add a 9th pillar, taking your hertime. Hertime truly does provide nutrients that can majorly benefit your overall health as well as provide your body the support it needs to function at it’s best!

So, we hope that this helps identify at least one area of health that you can jump on board with today! Does this help you realize areas that you also may already be fully nourished, attentive to and feeling consistent in? You go girl! Remember that overall health doesn’t have to mean living a complicating life. Take simple steps to better your health one pilar at a time and begin your journey today!


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