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Stress Less and Love More

Two things that have totally opposite effects on us physically and emotionally. 

Stress can be positive and negative depending on how much of it you allow into your daily life, kind of like a fight or flight response. Stress can help us stay safe, warn us to get out of a situation, but the problems kick in when we start to have chronic cases of stress. 

Addressing Stress

We can choose to help our bodies reduce stress. Imagine that? By adding a few healthy habits to your daily life, you can release the everyday tension you feel eating at you. Chronic stress is not okay! Understanding and practicing stress reducing strategies that work for you is just as important as eating well, exercising, and drinking water. When you are in a chronic state of stress it causes higher sugar cravings, lower energy levels, and a weight gain. When we hit our time of the month, stress can result in low levels of the chemicals cortisol and progesterone, causing us to feel those dreaded PMS symptoms in all their glory. What are some of the ways we can naturally reduce stress? Sometimes as women we may feel like it just is what it is. My life will always be stress! But take a closer look at these hacks. 

CREATE SAFETY SIGNALS: Our bodies have sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Activating our parasympathetic nervous system means we can feel more calm and like our lives are not on constant overdrive. The best way to activate that system is to do things that give us signals of safety.

DEEP BREATHING. Taking the time to deeply breathe (5 counts in 5 counts out) can have immediate effects on our stress levels. You can do that anywhere! It helps to put us in a state of NOW and gives us a sense of safety.

BODY POSTURE. Think about your body posture. When we are stressed we tend to close in. Stretch, put your hands behind your head, and release that pressure that we often hold at the base of our head.

LOVE MORE. Spend time with people you love. Touch is an honest stress reliever, and especially from those you care about. Touch can make us feel comfortable and safe in an awkward situation. This will fire your parasympathetic nervous system and express love.

Stress Less & Love More

To sum it up real quick, when we slow down and love those around us, care for our kids, and have genuine interactions with those we care about, our stress levels will incredibly decrease. Connections are key. They help us get out of our ego state of mind and to be completely present. And, of course, self love is equally important.