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Sugar and its MAJOR impact on our health

Be honest...

Are you experiencing any of the following? Acne, brain fog, moodiness, consistent cravings or chronic fatigue? Guess what. Each of these issues can be caused by SUGAR!

Have you ever stopped to analyze your nutrition choices and been shocked by how much sugar you are actually eating? Normally sugar is not our healthiest option, but it can also negatively effect our overall hormone health.  Yes, you read that right. Women who begin to clean up their nutrition and try to decrease high volumes of sugar feel the benefits almost immediately! Less hot flashes, less cramping, less cravings, higher energy levels and overall they experience less PMS symptoms. Sugar disrupts our hormone insulin. Insulin is closely connected to all of our other hormones in the body, including estrogen and testosterone.

Intrigued? Let's get started...

1: TRACK what you eat. We first must recognize when we grab for m&m’s instead of an apple slice. Being more aware and writing down what we eat makes us more capable of change.
2: FUEL your body with nutrient dense foods that are high in protein and have healthy fats and fibers. Why? When you’re fueling properly the body will feel more satisfied for longer periods of time. These foods should keep you feeling full for 4-6 hours. Quick sugar options leave you hungry and never satisfied.
3: DISTRACT yourself by asking, “Am I truly hungry?” If the answer is no, exit the pantry or kitchen. Do an activity that still “feeds” your body like a slow walk, reading a book, or spending some time on a hobby. Chances are the distraction will help you forget the sugar craving completely.
4: DETOX your surroundings. You’re more likely to eat less sugar if you’re not constantly faced with the temptation. Detox your home, your car, or purse and make the choice easier. The first few days the cravings can be strong, but after the natural detox the body will stop asking for the “hit” of sugar.
5: HERTIME is a great option to help control and eliminate sugar cravings. It’s the perfect afternoon treat that benefits your body rather than preventing you from optimal health. Hertime helps to support your hormones and actually nourishes your system, eliminating the need for cravings.

What can you apply today?

What can you choose to better your health immediately? Remember, we want you to enjoy life and enjoy a treat but make it worth it, occasional and something that your body will thank you for.


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