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How it works

Your period is supposed to simply just show up each month, without the pain or emotional upheaval that so often comes for the ride. Too many women suffer with the onset of mood swings, irritability, breast tenderness, cramps, crazy cravings, bloating, back pain and abdominal discomfort and a 100 other symptoms when their period arrives. If you dread your monthly cycle and find yourself stocking up on pain relief, tissues and chocolate, then Her Time by Mix hers can help you address these issues from the inside out.
The Her Time formula was carefully crafted to address the root cause of these symptoms. These symptoms aren’t just part of having a period, but are actually the result of nutritional deficiencies, blood sugar imbalance, and stress that lead to hormonal imbalance. Each of the nutrients in the Her Time formula were chosen because of their ability to nourish our body and to work synergistically to balance hormone levels, specifically estrogen and progesterone, while also reducing inflammation and pain during the cycle.
The right balance of key nutrients is essential for healthy ovulation and optimal progesterone production, because not only is the right balance of progesterone essential for a healthy menstrual cycle but it is also important to help women avoid feeling anxious, moody and bloated.
The ingredients in Her Time are also known to help support good adrenal function – think less intense stress response – plus they help with blood glucose regulation, to help curb those sweet cravings that can kick in when your period approaches.
Her Time has been blended to create the perfect combination of hormones for you. When taken regularly, cycle after cycle, you can experience a continued improvement in your energy levels, and mood. You will notice a visible reduction in fluid retention as well as a decrease in cramping, breast tenderness, insatiable hunger and back pain. All of this leads to a period that just simply shows up.

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