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Female libido booster: improving your sex life faster

This one product will change your sex life

When we're young and have the whole world to conquer, our need for sex is a lot like our need for morning coffee. But as we age and our lives become busier and more stressful, the insatiable desire we felt in our 20s may start to fizzle out a bit. The good news is that it's normal for our sex drive to cycle through periods of "gotta have it!" and "do I have to?" One of the ways to combat this could be using a female libido booster.

If you feel like your sex drive resembles a yo-yo, you're not alone. About a quarter of all women of reproductive age experience decreased libido. Once we reach menopause, our sexual desire tends to plummet even more, with half of all postmenopausal women reporting low sex drive.

Female libido is a complicated thing. In fact, it's complicated enough that researchers are still studying it and learning more about it. While there may be a variety of things that contribute to decreased sex drive, hormonal imbalance is one of the most common. It's clear that when estrogen, testosterone, or progesterone are out of balance, they can lead to issues with female libido. This makes sense because hormones such as estrogen and testosterone are very abundant in our younger years but become scarcer as we age.

Why Does Libido Change?

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to low libido. In addition to a decline in sex hormones that happens as we grow older, other potential causes of diminished sex drive include:

  • Lifestyle habits: Did you know too much alcohol can negatively impact your sex drive? While a single glass of wine may lower your inhibitions and make you feel more flirtatious, excess alcohol can make it difficult to achieve instant arousal and sexual satisfaction. Illegal drugs and smoking have a similar impact on sexual function.
  • Physical Problems: If you have any physical problems that make it difficult to achieve orgasm or cause pain during sex, it's normal to experience a decline in sexual desire. Your gynecologist may be able to identify the underlying issue and prescribe treatment to help.
  • Medications: Some medications are known to negatively impact sexual arousal. They include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (also known as anti-depressants), birth control pills, blood pressure medications, and antipsychotics.
  • Diseases: Some diseases, such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, and arthritis, can potentially contribute to low sex drive.
  • Surgery: Any surgical procedure that involves the genital tract or breasts can potentially lead to hypoactive sexual desire disorder. This is especially true if the surgical procedure causes pain during intercourse or negatively impacts body image.
  • Excess Stress: Sometimes, it's easy for us females to overburden ourselves with things that cause a lot of stress. But too much stress can impact our desire to engage in sexual activity. The female sex drive is already delicate enough without heaping on loads of libido-crushing stress. That's why it's essential to analyze our lives and try to let go of things that cause us too much angst.
  • Pregnancy: When we're pregnant, our bodies are put through the wringer. Changes in our hormones during pregnancy and afterward can impact our sex life in a big way. The pressures of taking care of a new baby can also lead to changes in sex drive.
  • Relationship Issues: If we're in an unhealthy or unfulfilling relationship, we're more likely to experience low sex drive. Feeling emotionally close to our sexual partners is an important aspect of a healthy sex life. If we have a lack of trust in our partner, an unresolved fight, or a general lack of connection, we're more likely to experience sexual dysfunction when it comes to being intimate with our partner.
  • Performance Issues: OK, let's address the elephant in the room. Sometimes our low sexual desire comes from feeling like our partners don't desire us. If our partners have performance issues, we're likely to feel personally unattractive and dejected. However, it's important to note that males can experience low sex drive from things completely unrelated to us or the way we look. For example, some men have low testosterone levels or take medications that lead to erectile dysfunction and other problems. If this happens, we can lovingly encourage diagnosis and treatment.

These are just some of the most common causes of low libido in females. Any issues with self-esteem, abuse, or depression can also lead to low sex drive. It's important for those of us who experience any of these things to identify the underlying issues and receive treatment or counseling as needed. Every one of us deserves to have a healthy sex life.

After Menopause Female Libido Booster

If you think your monthly hormone changes are difficult to keep up with, just wait until menopause. Estrogen levels tend to drop significantly in both premenopausal and menopausal women. This can cause various physical issues, such as dry vaginal tissues, painful sex, and low libido. However, if we take steps to balance our hormones by using herbs such as maca, pomegranate seed extract, and fenugreek seed extract, we may still be able to enjoy good sexual health and increased sexual desire. There are plenty of natural ways to increase your sex drive, thanks to the brilliance of Mother Nature herself.

All premenopausal women experiencing vaginal dryness and other changes marked by hormone changes should realize they're approaching menopause. While it can be more difficult to maintain optimal libido levels through menopause and beyond, we can all take the following steps to improve our sexual functioning during this transformative time.

  • Do Kegel exercises (this is when you tighten and release the pelvic floor muscles over and over again to strengthen them.)
  • Use a lubricant. There are plenty of types out there, so don't be shy! Try a few out this weekend to discover which one you and your partner prefer the most.
  • Exercise. Research shows that getting sufficient physical activity every day can boost sex drive.
  • Communicate your needs with your partner. If you're experiencing sexual dysfunction, you may need a lot of extra help experiencing sexual satisfaction. Let your partner know what you need to achieve arousal and orgasm.
  • Consider going to therapy. A sexual therapist is a great resource to utilize if you're dealing with low libido before, during, or after menopause. They can help identify any underlying sexual problem (such as low blood flow or medication side effects) and may recommend things like libido booster or sexual enhancement supplements to help.

If you're not keen on taking synthetic hormones, you may be drawn toward herbal remedies such as maca, fenugreek, pomegranate seed extract, goat weed, Tribulus terrestris, and other herbs known to facilitate healthy sexual function.

Can You Get Your Sex Life Back?

While it's natural for our sex drive to ebb and flow, we may sometimes feel like our libido is a little lower than normal. Or we may just want to feel that spark of sexual excitement again. Whatever the case may be, there are things we can do to keep our sexual hormones healthy and balanced, including taking some type of libido supplement that includes maca, fenugreek, vitamin e, or other ingredients known to boost sexual desire.

Often, changes in libido come down to too much or too little of a particular sex hormone. Natural supplements to keep normal hormone levels, such as Herlove by Mixhers, can help bring our female hormones back into proper balance and enhance sexual desire. For those of us who prefer natural female libido booster products, herbal supplements are ideal.

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