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Hercrave Pixies

60 Sticks

From now through December 31st you will be gifted 10 sticks of Hergreens, with your Hercrave purchase.

The craving-curbing, sweet-tooth eliminating, all-natural supplement. Hercrave Pixies can be taken straight to mouth or mixed in water, reducing any food-related temptations. Now, without your cravings in control, you choose how and when you eat.
Cravings are strong. You’re stronger.


Hercrave offers you absolute power over your sweet tooth. This all-natural, super low-calorie supplement curbs cravings and satisfies completely. These new sour pixies fit effortlessly into your busy life, giving you extra self-control to live a healthy lifestyle with ease. The Hercrave pixies can be mixed into to water or taken on-the-go, straight to mouth.
Our blend of natural ingredients send the same signals of satisfaction to your brain that fries or sweets send, but without all the weight-gaining calories. With Hercrave, you can gain power over cravings, choosing how and when you snack.
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