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90 sticks


Hergreens is an easy and effective way to get your daily dose of greens. It nourishes your body with all the crucial vitamins and minerals we need from vegetable consumption while improving kidney, heart and liver function. Hergreens provides a full days worth of greens per stick!

Your health made easy.  

$123.00 / month

  • Boosts immune system

  • Detoxes and replenishes

  • Supports organ function

  • Provides protection from free radicals and oxidation

  • Boost cellular function

  • Improves cognitive function and blood flow

  • Helps manage blood sugar levels


Take Hergreens anytime of the day with your favorite green smoothie or mixed in 8-12 oz of water!

*Only take recommended serving amount

How many servings of greens are in Hergreens?

Hergreens has a full daily dose of greens. 

Is Hergreens safe for pregnancy/nursing?

Yes, Hergreens is safe to take while pregnant and nursing!

Is Hergreens safe for kids?

Yes Hergreens is safe for children to drink. 

Is it gluten-free? 

Yes, Hergreens like all of our other products are gluten free!

  • ALFALFA LEAF JUICE POWDER This super-powered green helps support healthy kidney function, lower cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels. It’s also packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and D, and other important, body-boosting minerals.
  • WHEAT GRASS POWDER This green helps to eliminate toxins, boost metabolism, and aid digestion. Its super-rich profile can also reduce inflammation, provide energy, and fight off oxidation.
  • KALE LEAF POWDER One of the original superfoods! Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense greens on the planet. Its nutrient profile boasts high antioxidants, vitamin k and c, iron and more. It can help lower cholesterol and improves overall health.
  • SPIRULINA POWDER This lesser-known green actually comes from a super powerful algae. It provides detoxing power, boosts liver and kidney function, and helps to cleanse and purify the body.
  • ENZYME BLEND This proprietary blend gives your body powerful, digestive aids to improve gut flora and improve nutrient absorption. 
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