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30 Servings

Hermulti is a power-packed multivitamin designed specifically for women and our incredible bodies. We’ve combined a wealth of ingredients, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that complete a well-rounded diet. Our multivitamin will not only boost your immune system, energy levels, and overall feminine performance, but its liquid delivery system ensures that these benefits are amplified and completely utilized. There’s no other supplement like it!

Hermulti was built for the multi-talented woman. And that’s you.


So many of our problems as women arise because of nutrient deficiency. Hormonal imbalance, pain, discomfort, and fatigue can all be attributed to not eating correctly, or an overall lack in specific vitamin and mineral content. We wanted to create something that not only addressed this deficiency, but made it incredibly easy and convenient to fix. 

Hermulit was born, and this is what we’ve created:

Just like its name suggests, Hermulti is a multivitamin made specifically for women. Our needs are different than men’s, so we’ve curated each ingredient for optimal feminine performance. You’ll also notice that Hermulti is in a liquid form, whereas most multivitamins on the market can be taken as a pill. This was also done conscientiously in order to deliver each nutrient easily and powerfully to the small intestine, where it can be absorbed and use in greater measure. 

Hermulti shouldn’t replace a good diet, but instead become a supplementary addition to the nutrient-rich foods you eat every single day. It will not only fill in the gaps, but provide for you the nutrient boost and benefits you don’t typically get. 

We’ve packed Hermulti with essential nutrients and vitamins:

-Vitamin D for a healthy immune system and bone health

-Vitamin to promote glowing and healthy skin.

-Vitamin C to help promote collagen production, iron absorption, and a strong immune system.

-Vitamin E to support heart health and fertility. 

-Vitamin K to promote heart and bone health.

-There are also eight B Vitamins in Hermulti to boost energy, support the nervous system, and increase immune function.

-Folic Acid that is easily utilized and promotes healthy DNA repair and function.

-Other nutrients include iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese, chromium, and molybdenum.

  • Mix in 8-10oz of water
  • Consume with food
  • May be combined with other Mixhers products 
  • Kids 4-12 use 1/2 stick 
  • Free shipping for all subscriptions
  • Free shipping for carts over $150 
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