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Hertime Classic

10 Sticks


Hertime Classic is here to put an end to your period woes. Designed to be taken during your period, our all-natural supplement helps regulate hormones, strengthen the uterus to alleviate period pain, lighten flow, and reduce bloating. This lovingly-crafted period fighter has helped thousands of women take back their time of the month. Now, it can help you take yours back too.

$27.20 every 4 weeks


  • Regulates hormones during cycle
  • Eliminates PMS symptoms
  • Increases energy during your period
  • Reduces cramping and pain
  • Eliminates bloating
  • Eliminates sore or tender breasts
  • Clears hormonal acne
  • Eliminates hormonal headaches
  • reduces estrogen dominance
  • Lightens blood flow
  • Reduces days of bleeding
  • Eliminates vaginal dryness
  • Increases sex drive

H O W   T O   U S E   H E R T I M E   C L A S S I C

Take each morning:

  • 3 days before period begins
  • Then, each morning during period

how many:

1 stick pack per day

Mix Hertime Classic with 8oz of cold water, drink, and enjoy a pain-free period.

What’s in hertime?

White Peony Root

Calms the nervous system and enhances progesterone production (a powerful anti-depressant and anti-anxiety agent) as well as a diuretic, offering relief from fluid retention and cramps. Think, less mood swings, irritability and discomfort.

Chinese Licorice

Curbs sugar cravings, reduces inflammation and boosts energy. Supports healthy ovulation and eases menstrual cycle discomfort. It also allows the body to naturally produce the right amount of progesterone by healing deleted adrenal function.

Siberian Ginseng

Supports the ‘stress system’ of the body, which has an enormous impact on sex hormone balance.

Dong Quai

Relieves menstrual pain and cramps, resolving gut problems that come on with menstruation, as well as easing numerous menopausal symptoms.

Giant Kelp Leaf

Helps maintain healthy follicular function – allowing optimal progesterone production, is essential for optimal thyroid function, and is necessary for the metabolism of all cells which improves energy and supports effective body fat utilization.

100% Natural

Mixhers products have been carefully and lovingly crafted to support women in all stages of life with the optimal health they deserve.

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