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Hertime Home Bundle

90-150 Sticks
The Hertime Home Bundle comes with enough for you and your household to take daily, giving you balance all month long.  Hertime reduces bloating, eases cramps, lightens flow, increases energy and resolves all other symptoms caused by hormone imbalance. The Hertime formula has been carefully and lovingly crafted to give your body the nutrients it needs to support your monthly hormonal changes. Suitable for women of all ages and stages of their cycle.

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  • Regulates hormones during cycle
  • Eliminates PMS symptoms
  • Increases energy during your period
  • Reduces cramping and pain
  • Eliminates bloating
  • Eliminates sore or tender breasts
  • Clears hormonal acne
  • Eliminates hormonal headaches
  • reduces estrogen dominance
  • Lightens blood flow
  • Reduces days of bleeding
  • Eliminates vaginal dryness
  • Increases sex drive

Take 1 stick each morning:

  • Every day of the month

Mix Hertime Classic with 8oz of cold water, drink, and enjoy a pain-free period.

Not suitable during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or for people taking blood thinning medications.

Does Hertime help with Endometriosis, PMDD, and PCOS?

Yes, Hertime’s ingredients help support your body to produce optimal levels of progesterone to oppose excess estrogen, and they help support effective detoxification of xenoestrogens and other toxins, through our main detoxification pathways. This improves your body’s response to these PMS symptoms.

Can you take Hertime while on birth control?

Yes! Hertime is completely safe to use while on birth control. In fact, birth control can mess with your hormones quite a bit, so this can work to balance the negative side effects of birth control.

I am currently on birth control. Which Hertime product should I take? 

We recommend Hertime Daily to give your body the daily hormonal support it needs. 

Is it safe for teens/pre-teens to take? 

YES! Hertime is safe for teen/pre-teens! In fact, we’re jealous that teens have access to this. It can help reduce hormonal acne, mood swings and cramps.

Is Hertime safe for someone trying to get pregnant?

Yes. In fact, balancing your hormones can prepare you for a healthy pregnancy. After your first positive pregnancy test though, we do recommend that you stop using hertime.  One of the ingredients, Dong Quai, is a uterus strengthener, which could cause early labor if taken too far into the pregnancy.

Why can’t Hertime be taken when pregnant?

We recommend you stop sing Hertime after your first, positive pregnancy test. An ingredient in Hertime, Dong Quai, is a known uterine strengthener and can cause uterus contractions. So, to be safe, we recommend that you stop using Hertime once you know that you are pregnant. 

I forgot to take hertime before my period started. What do I do? 

Taking your Hertime Classic before your period starts is important to prepare your body and relieve any pre-cycle symptoms. BUT, if for some reason that doesn’t happen, still take it throughout your period. Hertime works magic – even the day of your cycle.

Can I take Hertime while nursing?

We do not recommend using Hertime if you are breastfeeding. Each of our ingredients have been clinically proven to be safe and effective, but no clinical studies have been performed on newborn infants. We prefer to be cautious until we are certain that it is safe for your baby. 

Can I take Hertime if I’ve had a hysterectomy?

Yes! We recommend taking Hertime Daily. It’s our 30 day formula that will provide you daily hormonal support. There’s no need to track your menstrual cycle with this product to know when to take it, so it’s perfect for someone who is not menstruating anymore but still needs hormonal support. You just drink one packet each day of the month.

What if I’ve been getting headaches, or other symptoms through Hertime? 

We have heard this from a few women. However, when these same women continue daily use, the headaches went away. Make sure you are taking Hertime with food, and water. You can also try taking half a packet, and work your way up to a full packet. Additionally, seek advice from your physician. 

What’s the difference between Classic vs Daily? 

Do you have regular cycles and do you track them? If so, Hertime Classic will work for you. If you have irregular menstrual cycles, and you experience hormonal imbalance symptoms during other times of the month, Hertime Daily is your best choice.

What’s in hertime?

White Peony Root

Calms the nervous system and enhances progesterone production (a powerful anti-depressant and anti-anxiety agent) as well as a diuretic, offering relief from fluid retention and cramps. Think, less mood swings, irritability and discomfort.

Chinese Licorice

Curbs sugar cravings, reduces inflammation and boosts energy. Supports healthy ovulation and eases menstrual cycle discomfort. It also allows the body to naturally produce the right amount of progesterone by healing deleted adrenal function.

Siberian Ginseng

Supports the ‘stress system’ of the body, which has an enormous impact on sex hormone balance.

Dong Quai

Relieves menstrual pain and cramps, resolving gut problems that come on with menstruation, as well as easing numerous menopausal symptoms.

Giant Kelp Leaf

Helps maintain healthy follicular function – allowing optimal progesterone production, is essential for optimal thyroid function, and is necessary for the metabolism of all cells which improves energy and supports effective body fat utilization.

100% Natural

Mixhers products have been carefully and lovingly crafted to support women in all stages of life with the optimal health they deserve.

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