Artisan Period Pouch - Mixhers

Artisan Period Pouch

Hand crafted in Guatemala

These mixhers period pouches are so much more than just a bag. They have been carefully constructed by women in Guatemala through every step of the process. From fabric dying, weaving by foot loom, hand cutting leather and stitching by hand these each tell a unique story. No two pouches are identical in look.


The making of these bags provided two weeks of work to women in need of an income. We hope to continue this relationship but can only do this by the support of each of you! We would love to create, construct and continue providing work for women that appreciate the help. Thank you for helping mixhers give back!


  • Dimensions – 5.5 x 7
  • Real genuine leather
  • Hand dyed and handmade fabric by foot loom
  • Hand branded
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