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Hergreens - Sample



Hergreens - Sample

Your nutrition, made easy.

  • Balances Nutrition*
  • Helps Nourish & Detox*
  • Promotes Gut Health*
  • Combats Inflammation*
What's in it
How to take it
How does it work

  • Spirulina
  • Wheat, Oat, & Barley Grass
  • Parsley
  • Cruciferous Vegetables
  • Chlorella
We are picky about what goes into our products so that you don't have to be. Each of our ingredients are 100% natural, gluten free, plant based, sugar free, with no artificial flavorings or fillers.

Mix with 8-12oz of water and enjoy!

Superfood support
Not into kale chips? We get it. Hergreens is an easy, effective way to get your daily greens. Just one stick includes 14 variations of greens! Hergreens nourishes your body with the crucial vitamins and minerals that come from vegetables, while supporting healthy kidney, heart, and liver function*. This is one greens drink you don't want to miss. Oh, and it tastes amazing.

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Due to customs limitations, shipment to canada is limited to 90 sticks of each product

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