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you deserve your beauty sleep

Hernightly is an all-natural sleep aid that ensures you fall asleep quickly and have a deep sleep and an even deeper recovery. Just take one serving before bed to unwind and decompress. Then, once you're sleeping, Hernightly goes to work repairing and strengthening skin, muscles, and hair. So you'll not only wake up feeling energized, but ready to take on the day.

A number of hormones in your body are responsible for making sure you get a good night's rest. But a hormonal imbalance is the leading cause of sleep issues.

In order to get really good sleep, we need optimal levels of two main hormones; melatonin and cortisol. Plus, we need these two hormones to release at the right times of the day. Cortisol is our "wake/stress hormone" and should be at its highest as the sun rises to get us up and going for the day. Melatonin is our "sleep hormone" and needs to be at its highest as the sunsets. Its release signals that it's time to get some deep restorative sleep. But suppose your cortisol and/or melatonin levels aren't following the normal rhythm. In that case, this "clock" will stop working—and many of your body's activities won't happen when they should, and you may begin experiencing lower sleep quality or other sleep-related problems.

Hernightly has three main ingredients that help you relax and ease into a full night of restful sleep; melatonin, chamomile, and ashwagandha. Melatonin is our body's primary sleep hormone, and its necessary to have enough melatonin present in our bloodstream to fall and stay asleep all night. Hernightly provides 3mg of melatonin, just enough to put you into a restful state, but not too much to take over your body's natural production of melatonin. Chamomile helps with sleep by inducing relaxation and by reducing anxiety. Finally, Ashwagandha is one of nature's best stress busters and why we love having it in Hernightly is that it minimizes the secretion of cortisol, helping melatonin to be able to be produced naturally and to take effect.

Take two scoops of Hernightly with water, milk, or almond milk on ice or hot! Jess, our CEO, swears by the Hernightly and Herlove combo with warm almond milk taken at night. A rising favorite is adding a scoop of chocolate Hercollagen. Trust us, you will not regret trying this combo!

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