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Mixhers Essentials Bundle
Mixhers Essentials Bundle
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Mixhers Essentials Bundle

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girl, we’ve got you.

You know that Mixhers has your back, right? Well, now we REALLY have your back because your favorite products are combined into our best bundle yet! Your Mixhers Essentials Bundle has the three most popular Mixhers products: Hertime Daily, Hergreens, and Hernightly. These products solve common health problems, giving you the balanced hormones, a healthy vegetable intake, and deep sleep you need at the best price possible!

Hertime is a nutritional therapy that helps give your body the nutrients it needs to support your monthly hormone changes! Hertime reduces bloating, eases cramps, stabilizes mood, lightens flow, increases energy and resolves all other symptoms caused by hormone imbalance. No matter the phase of your cycle, Hertime is for you!
Hergreens is an easy and effective way to get your daily dose of greens. It nourishes your body with all the crucial vitamins and minerals we need from vegetable consumption while improving kidney, heart, and liver function. Hergreens provides a full day's worth of greens per stick! Oh, and did we mention it is DELICIOUS?
Hernightly is an all-natural sleep aid that ensures you fall asleep quickly and have a deep sleep and an even deeper recovery. Just take one serving before bed to unwind and decompress. Then, once you're sleeping, Hernightly goes to work repairing and strengthening skin, muscles, and hair. So you'll not only wake up feeling energized, but ready to take on the day.