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Simple Signs That Your Hormones Need Help

How can we know what is really going on with our hormones? Anybody else blame everything off about your week on hormones? Yelled at the kids? Hormones. Cried uncontrollably? Hormones. Craving everything sweet and eating your entire pantry? Yup, hormones. Let’s take a look at the signs we can recognize to know if we actually need some extra help.

Breaking it down...

Our hormones are very interconnected. Our “alpha hormones,” cortisol and insulin, are two of the biggest indicators of how we might be feeling in our day to day life. These are the two types of hormones that fluctuate easily and it’s important to know what the signs and symptoms are of imbalances are so you can understand when it is necessary to seek help or take other supplements. Let’s take a look. 

TIREDNESS. Sometimes we may feel that no matter how much sleep we get at night, you are still always tired. Cortisol, when balanced, should give us a great surge of energy in the morning, keep us going through the night, and then drops off at night telling our bodies it needs rest. When cortisol is imbalanced, we can feel tired but never be able to fall and stay asleep. We call it “wired but tired.” If you are relying on coffee or Diet Coke to get you through the day, you need to listen to your body!

WEIGHT LOSS RESISTANCE. Proper nutrition is important. When we stop losing weight, our first reaction is to eat less and work out more. But no matter what you do, you just can’t shed that fat. This is again due to an imbalance in cortisol. When you see this happen, it would be smart to take a step back from your dieting and find help for your hormones.

MOOD SWINGS. Do you notice highs and lows all throughout the month apart from your regular cycle? This could be due to insulin imbalance. Our blood sugar will spike and crash all through the day and our insulin will pump trying to keep up, which is a common cause of mood swings. Another type of these mood swings can mean becoming “hangry” as well. Listen! This does not have to be a “normal” part of being a woman! 

To get you started...

There are so many resources on our other podcast episodes and blog posts to help you with natural hormonal balance once you have identified these signs. Managing cortisol and blood sugar is so important once you start to feel an imbalance in your body. Hertime is a great way to supplement your hormones and help you control the correct homronal production. If we can take care of these alpha hormones once you start using Hertime in your daily life, you will be able to balance so many other things outside of just your hormones! 


Written byKara Atkisson
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