Testimonials - Mixhers


"I had no bloating, no cramps so far, and I am much less irritable! I can't wait to see how this works long term! Thank you for creating this amazing product!"


"The Favorite thing I've noticed is NO BREAKOUTS on my face and I've been second-guessing it like maybe a coincidence but no, this is real!"


"I feel like I have said the same thing over and over. THANK YOU! Today I had another reminder of the positive impact HerTime has had in my life. Before hertime I was in so much pain all month but when I was on my period I was bleeding heavy and for many days. Not only do I feel better but I m saving money!! I owe Hertime a huge Thank you for that!"


"I have stage 4 endometriosis. I have awful, painful periods every month. The last 3 months I have drank Hertime faithfully and never felt better! Thank you for making a product that has changed my life."


"Thank you for reaching out. I have to say your product is a great success. I felt so much better during my last period. My flow was heavy for one day and after that it was fine. I was even able to workout on day 3. That has not happened in many many years. I am so grateful"

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