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Women's History Month
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Women's History Month

September 28, 2023


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Hi, I'm Jess!

A wife, mother to three, and the Founder and CEO here at Mixhers! I was 26 years old when I finally set off on my hormone health journey to find a solution for my painful, long, and irregular cycles, including cystic acne and debilitating pains. I was passed from medication to medication with no improvement, but finally, I found the solution in an herbal concoction that we now call hertime. While feeling frustrated for a few years, I learned that most other women felt the same or worse. My passion to change women's health was possible once I recognized that hertime had changed my life. I set off on a journey with my business partner Cody Sanders to make this product accessible to all women! Mixhers is run on love, passion for good, and the mission to help women thrive. We won't stop until we know all women know there is an all-natural solution to their period pains. I insist that my daughters have better resources for their own menstrual cycles and never feel the pains I have experienced from my periods.

Thank you for YOUR support of Mixhers. We have been built from the ground up by consumer support only. No funding outside of personal investment and just chugging away at goals one month at a time. The thousands of women purchasing Mixhers help our company tackle taboo topics like hormone health, low libido, and mental health. We aren't doing this alone. The word is spreading about Mixhers at a viral pace because of YOU. I want to be sure you know who your investment is supporting, what our mission is, and be sure you see where your support has brought this female-owned and female-run company. We are making history TOGETHER.

We launched Mixhers at the end of 2019 with our first product, hertime. I was traveling back and forth from Europe with my family, supporting my husband in his career. When I recognized the organic response to hertime, I realized this company deserves my full attention. I made a career shift and went full force ahead with my business partner, Cody Sanders, and hired our first-ever employee, Kara Atkisson. Women were ready to help build mixhers. Women are done suffering. Mixhers helped provide the solution, and we also offered a voice to get behind. The movement has become impossible to mute because of the tens of thousands of women who purchase our products to improve hormone health and feel empowered to speak up about their periods, struggles with endometriosis, and infertility. Women no longer have to accept the frustrations that come from countless appointments that only point towards band-aid solutions. Women are done and more ready than ever to make change, be the change, and rally behind a brand that won't stop until every woman knows of Mixhers and has had the opportunity to rally with us.

Your support has broken down barriers for female-owned and female-run businesses. We have become part of the 2% of women-run businesses that ever break 1 million dollars of annual revenue. That is not just from our efforts, and it's from YOU! While mixhers runs on a passion for providing confidence to become your health advocate, it also matters that we succeed with revenue and business growth. Why? Because the further we can make it, the easier it becomes for other women to follow in our footsteps without as many barriers for female-owned and run businesses.

Thank you for supporting our journey through the highs and lows. We are making challenging business decisions to make our company even more reliable, sustainable, and keep up with the growth. We recently completed a transition to state-of-the-art manufacturing and fulfillment centers. The project took us two months because of women putting their heads down and working as hard as possible day in and day out. The project was originally quoted to mixhers as a nine-month project. We made the tough decisions, worked harder than ever, and completed the project on a tight timeline to provide top-quality ingredients, faster fulfillment, and an improved customer experience.

By supporting mixhers, you have also supported many other women's foundations and charitable contributions. Our community has supported a large donation for a woman battling ovarian cancer, involvement to end period poverty in lower-income areas needing feminine hygiene products. By supporting Mixhers, you are providing more and more jobs to a female-run team that is hungry to spread the awareness of mixhers products so that more women can thrive in life! When you're buying from mixhers and participating in our community, your loyalty goes much further than the transaction. You are joining our mission to change lives, connect women, and provide confidence, support, and love to women worldwide. Thank you for your support and for being an important piece of our journey.

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From your first period to your first hot flash, nourish your journey.

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