your monthly life saver, period.

10 DAY

The classic Hertime formula

Carefully and lovingly crafted to give your body the nutrients it needs to support your monthly hormonal changes. Hertime reduces bloating, eases cramps, lightens flow and increases energy.

30 DAY

A 30 day supply of Hertime to help keep you balanced all month long

Our new Hertime Daily formula features three new flavors. Choose from Juicy Peach, Raspberry Refresher, and Strawberry Lemonade. You will receive 3 bags with 10 servings of your preferred flavors. 



HerTime is 100% natural. It’s powerful plant-only ingredients work  with your body to flush out the artificial chemicals.


For women at every age and stage of life. Hertime helps balance and produce the right amount of progesterone for a happier period!


See the positive benefits like less bloating and fewer cravings in the first month, and diminished cramping and greater energy in two!


HerTime comes in small daily stick packs that you can carry everywhere you go, making it perfect for your active lifestyle!


1. Nourish

Start taking HerTime 2-3 days before your menstrual cycle begins or at the onset of PMS symptoms. Each of the nutrients in the HerTime formula were chosen because of their ability to nourish the body and to work synergistically to balance your hormone levels.

2. Balance

Continue taking one packet of HerTime each day (for 10 days) consecutively. HerTime helps create the right balance of progesterone and estrogen, helping to balance energy, mood, stress and blood glucose regulation.

3. Detox

HerTime helps aid your body’s natural pathways of elimination, preventing congestion in the liver, intestines, and lymphatic system. This allows effective metabolism and removal of endocrine disrupters and hormonal-by-products that can get trapped in your body leading to menstrual issues.

4. Boost

With consistent use, you can experience a continued boost in your energy levels, and mood. The more your body is supported with the right nutrients, the more you will notice less bloating, cramping and other unpleasant PMS symptoms. Soon your period will just simply show up, the way Mother Nature intended.

This stuff is a game changer! I know your directions say for best results use for three months, but I’ve only been using this for five days and I have ZERO bloating, my flow is lighter (a lot lighter), my mood is great (usually, I’m a crazy lady), and for the first time in years, I actually went to the gym and worked out while on my period!


My husband was shocked. I didn’t have any of my terrible cramps that I usually do, and that often causes me to have to lay down for a hours at a time and just bear through it. I will definitely be buying the monthly subscription. I can’t afford to not take it now! It’s a game-changer!



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