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Yes, absolutely! The ingredients found in hertime have been shown to help reduce symptoms associated with every one of these hormonal disorders.

Hertime Classic should be used 2-3 days before your cycle begins or (if you don’t track) at the first sign of any PMS symptoms. Use the packet of her Hertime consecutively until all 10 stick packs are finished.

Not yet! We are working to make this happen!

That is exactly why we made Hertime Daily.  If your cycle is hard to track and you don’t want to worry about starting or stopping Hertime Classic, the daily option is for you.

Each of the ingredients chosen for the Hertime formula, when blended, work synergistically with one another to provide maximum support for your monthly hormonal changes. This results in less severe PMS symptoms, mainly; cramping, bloating, mood swings, irritability, inflammation, etc. Hertime helps assist the body to produce the right amount of progesterone and at the same time helps enhance your body’s ability to eliminate excess estrogen, creating greater hormonal balance.

White Peony Root calms the nervous system and enhances progesterone production, which is a powerful
anti-depressant and anti-anxiety agent, as well as a diuretic, offering relief from fluid retention and cramps. Think, less mood swings, irritability and discomfort.
Chinese Licorice helps rebuild the part of the adrenal glands where sex hormones are produced, curb sugar cravings, reduce inflammation and boost energy. It works synergistically with white peony root to support healthy ovulation and ease menstrual cycle discomfort. It also strengthens and heals depleted adrenal function due to excessive stress hormone output, allowing the body to naturally produce the right amount of progesterone.
Siberian Ginseng is a fantastic herb for supporting the ‘stress system’ of the body, which can have an enormous impact on sex hormone balance.
Dong Quai is a long used herb in traditional Chinese medicine, and it can be particularly for relieving menstrual pain and cramps, resolving gut problems that come on with menstruation, as well as easing numerous menopausal symptoms.
Giant Kelp Leaf provides the necessary trace mineral iodine for good ovarian health; it helps maintain healthy follicular function – allowing optimal progesterone production, is essential for optimal thyroid function, and is necessary for the metabolism of all cells which improves energy and supports effective body fat utilization.

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There are over 100 symptoms associated with PMS. All of these symptoms are caused by hormonal imbalance. Hertime helps address this root cause of PMS symptoms, by providing your body with the key nutrients it needs to support healthy hormonal balance, improving all symptoms.

Don’t worry, your birth control will not be affected by hertime.

Mix with water and enjoy at any time of the day! We make it part of our morning routine out of ease to remember!

Any woman with a cycle can be using hertime. Of course medical attention is advised and we never recommend hertime over seeking medical attention. We purposely made hertime all natural so that girls of all ages can enjoy the benefits without being medicated.

Hertime Daily is made for you if you have an inconsistant cycle, are in any stage of menopause, or if you just love how hertime makes you feel and want to take it all month long! 

Hertime Daily can be taken on its own or in combination with Hertime Classic (the on-period supplement).  These are sold in a combo pack – Hertime Complete Care

Yes. In fact, balancing your hormones prepares you for a healthy pregnancy.  

After your first positive pregnancy test we recommend that you stop using hertime.  One of the ingredients, Dong Quai, is a uterus strengthener which could cause early labor if taken too far into the pregnancy.

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