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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! The ingredients found in hertime have been shown to help reduce symptoms associated with every one of these hormonal disorders.

Hertime should be used 2-3 days before your cycle begins or at the first sign of any PMS symptoms if you don’t track. Use the packet of her Hertime consecutively until all 10 stick packs are finished.

Not yet! We are working to make this happen!

Start taking hertime at the onset of symptoms, or if you have no symptoms you can start taking 2-3 days before your cycle begins. With consistent use each month will help to regulate your cycle.

Each of the ingredients chosen for the hertime formula, when blended, work synergistically with one another to provide maximum support for your monthly hormonal changes. This results in less severe PMS symptoms, mainly; cramping, bloating, mood swings, irritability, inflammation, etc. Hertime helps assist the body to produce the right amount of progesterone and at the same time helps enhance your body’s ability to eliminate excess estrogen, creating greater hormonal balance.

We don’t run coupon codes. The best way to sample is to order the one pack of Hertime. We know you will love it!

There are over 100 symptoms associated with PMS. All of these symptoms are caused by hormonal imbalance. Hertime helps address this root cause of PMS symptoms, by providing your body with the key nutrients it needs to support healthy hormonal balance, improving all symptoms.

Don’t worry, your birth control will not be affected by hertime.

Mix with water and enjoy at any time of the day! We make it part of our morning routine out of ease to remember!

Any woman with a cycle can be using hertime. Of course medical attention is advised and we never recommend hertime over seeking medical attention. We purposely made hertime all natural so that girls of all ages can enjoy the benefits without being medicated.

We realize that many women suffer with hormone imbalances all throughout the month. Their cycles come and go but they still feel symptoms throughout the month. We created hertime daily to be used the other 20 days of the month. It’s simple! Use Hertime for 10 days of your cycle and Hertime daily for the remaining 20 days of your month!

We recommend seeking medical advice. We haven’t tested this scenario and want you to have input from your doctor.

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