Variety Pack (Apple / 10, Huckleberry / 10, Passionfruit / 10) triple
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Apple Huckleberry Passionfruit Variety Pack (Apple / 10, Huckleberry / 10, Passionfruit / 10) single
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your intimate nutrition.

Did you know there's a link between a woman's hormone health and sex drive? One-third of women have low libido, meaning a loss of sexual desire is not just in your head, and we have crafted an all-natural solution to help! Herlove uses Mother Nature's ingredients like fenugreek, maca, RedNite beetroot, pomegranate, and inositol to increase libido, reduce stress, and create better blood flow and sensation.

Okay, girl let us break down all the ingredients for you and how they help!

ARGININE ALPHA KETOGLITARATE This lesser-known amino acid has all sorts of health benefits. It can boost energy, increase overall performance, and stimulate positive hormone release throughout the body.

INOSITOL HEXANICOTINATE Increases blood circulation throughout the body, and especially to those much-need, intimate areas. ( cough cough, more blood circulation = more sensitivity)

FENUGREEK SEED EXTRACT This natural seed extract is an all-natural libido answer and can improve overall health.

POMEGRANATE SEED EXTRACT In addition to its antioxidant profile, pomegranate seed can help with healthy hormone balance and supports strong blood vessels and arteries.

  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Balances testosterone and progesterone levels
  • Increases healthy libido and sex drive
  • Heightens sensitivity and sensation
  • Promotes overall wellbeing

Herlove will help boost your libido and gives your body the nutrition it needs to help balance your sex hormones. A lack of libido and or other sex hormones is what is limiting your desire to have sex.

Because a loss of sexual desire in women is caused by a combination of physical and psychological factors, we have to be more thoughtful in our treatment approaches. Low libido has many potential causes, including medications, use of birth control, changes in your hormones that happen after pregnancy and menopause, pain with intercourse and/or having a pelvic floor dysfunction, psychological and mental issues, work and personal stress, and relationship issues. Herlove has carefully chosen ingredients to help naturally reduce your stress levels and boost your mood. How does Herlove help? Herlove increases arousal in women by increasing free testosterone, which stimulates vaginal lubrication and strengthens orgasm, making sex an easy and enjoyable part of a woman’s life.

Although you are likely to see same-day results with Herlove, use everyday for best results. Mix in 8-12 oz of water. Try mixing with Herpower or Hermulti for a delicious combo!

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