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Mixhers Sample Pack
Mixhers Sample Pack
Variety Pack single

Mixhers Sample Pack

10 Sticks

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A little bit of everything

We call this our Mixhers speed dating product. Get a little taste of them all before you commit to one! In this sample pack, you will get to try ten products, including Hergreens, Hermulti, Herlove, Herpower, Hertime Daily, Herhydration, and Hersmoothie. We can wait for you to be able to taste all the products you’ve been hearing so much about!

*products included may vary based on availability.

  • 2 Hergreens
  • 2 herlove
  • 1 Hermulti
  • 1 Herpower
  • 2 Hertime Daily
  • 1 Herhydration
  • 1 Herdefense

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