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Nutrition Facts

for you and baby

Introducing, pregnancies without morning sickness! You girls who are throwing up, having nausea, hot flashes, etc., we have created Herbaby for you! Herbaby was made with you, your pregnancy, and your baby in mind. Its ingredient deck was curated to ease your discomfort, alleviate any nausea, increase your energy levels, and nourish your body during pregnancy, while simultaneously providing your baby with nutrients for proper and healthy development.

While you are pregnant, it is extremely common to have estrogen dominance, and in combination with folic acid, it causes a blockage in the liver, causing what is commonly known as morning sickness! Herbaby has Methylfolate, which will support brain and spinal cord development and actually help clear your liver instead of blocking it!

For Mom:

  • Essential blend of nutrients to boost strength and provide natural energy
  • Optimal levels of vitamin B6 to help with nausea, gas, constipation, and upset stomach
  • Bioavailable iron to help fight fatigue and dizziness
  • Extra Vitamin B12 for energy
  • Easy-to-digest to keep nausea and constipation to a minimum

For Baby:

  • A blend of 25 vitamins and minerals for health development
  • Omega 3 for brain and heart health. ( This also helps mom digest food, so you are getting all the nutrients possible)
  • Methylfolate to support brain and spinal cord development
  • Nutrients to decrease the risk of natural defects

We also made sure to keep harmful substances out of it.

NOT in Herbaby: Artificial sweeteners, coloring, and flavoring, gelatin, dairy, soy, gluten, binders, or fillers. Neural Tube Support

Folate and Choline to support neural tube development.

Brain Health

Vitamin A (beta carotene), B vitamins, vitamins E, C and K, Choline and Folate for supporting fetal brain development.


Iron, Folate, & Vitamin B12 contribute to red blood cell formation.

Bone Support

Calcium and calcium-helper nutrients D, K, and Magnesium, help maintain bone health.

Herbaby includes 24 nutrients a woman needs to support a healthy pregnancy in their cleanest and most absorbable forms. No more, no less.

We specifically chose methylated folate over folic acid, and here’s why:

Folic acid is not naturally found in nature or our bodies. It was introduced to our diet through the mandatory folic acid fortification of grain products in 1998. Most women of reproductive age were not getting enough natural folate through their diet. Natural Folate food sources include leafy green vegetables (think folate=foliage), citrus fruits, and legumes such as kidney beans and lentils.

Why is this important? It comes down to the way folic acid is converted in the body. When we consume folic acid, it has to be converted to the active form of folate that our bodies can use (5-methyltetrahydrofolate, or 5-MTHF). Unfortunately, that’s where some people can run into a problem. Up to one-third of adults have a genetic variation that makes it difficult to convert folic acid specifically efficiently.

Interestingly, all five best-selling prenatal multivitamins use the synthetic form of folate, folic acid. That’s what sets Herbaby apart from our competition. Additionally, Herbaby does not have artificial sweeteners, colors, flavorings, Gelatin, Dairy, Soy, Gluten, binders, or fillers.

We suggest taking Herbaby from when you are trying to get pregnant to finish breastfeeding or at least six weeks postpartum! We recommend mixing into 8-12 oz of water and with Hergreens if you want to give you and your baby a daily dose of greens/veggies!

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