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How to Stop Hot Flashes & Night Sweats Naturally
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How to Stop Hot Flashes & Night Sweats Naturally

June 03, 2020


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What is a hot flash? And what is your body telling you? If you have experienced a hot flash then you are well aware! The speed of heat rushing into your body, instant sweating, and the inability to cool down are not issues we enjoy as women. We are happy to provide you natural options to relieve hot flashes.

Hot flashes happen when there are drastic dips in estrogen usually during perimenopause and menopause, but they can happen at anytime If we are experiencing hormonal imbalance. Hot flashes are our body’s attempt at cooling itself off! The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that regulates our body temperatures and senses that the body is overheated. It signals all of our body’s natural cooling mechanisms, like sweating, to release excess heat. Our blood vessels become dilated especially in our head, chest, and neck. It can put women in an uncomfortable situation to be sweating at a time that is unwelcome. Beautiful dress? Public speaking? Right before a hug? This is hard to handle, but what’s worse is the after effect when you are often greeted with a sweaty, cold, clammy, and wet chilly feeling. Two extremes within minutes. The process can fluctuate constantly depending on our personal hormonal balance.

We have all natural tips to try and help you with these situations. Like we always say, every woman is different so be sure to pay attention to what triggers you personally!

Hot drinks. Avoid hot drinks as they elevate your body and its temperature. Especially avoid hot drinks right before bed. Think more cooling hydration

Alcohol. Sugar in the body raises glucose, which increases our temperature. We don’t want our body working overtime to cool ourselves down. Keep to water!

Sugar. We know! We have said it before and will say it again. When we have high amounts of sugar intake we stimulate our body to think “get to work!” We want to help our liver to remain calm and this can be helped with lowering sugar intake.

Spicy foods. It seems obvious since we all know the sweaty upper lip feeling after eating a curry dish. For women experiencing hot flashes this feeling lasts longer than mealtime. Limit spicy foods and avoid night-shade vegetables. Women experience benefits of eliminating spicy foods working within just 24 hours.

Clothing choices. Random? We think not. Loose, breathable cotton will help your body to not feel restricted, hot, and uncomfortable. This may seem obvious but changing to more breathable clothing options can also help your body feel supported and ease the stress in order to remain cool and comfortable.

Hertime. Hertime offers you a natural hormone stability option. With hertime on your side your hormones will be properly nourished providing the overall health women need. Women using Hertime daily often report of less hot flashes in the first month of use.

We hope these tips are helpful and can send you on your way to living life to the fullest. You deserve to feel at your best and we understand the discomfort that hot flashes can bring.

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