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Pregnancies are difficult, right? But, we learned a little secret: they don’t have to be, especially if you give your body the right nutrients. We created our prenatal, Herbaby, with you, your pregnancy, and your baby in mind. Its ingredient deck was specifically curated to ease your discomfort, alleviate any nausea, increase your energy levels, and nourish your body during pregnancy, while simultaneously providing your baby with nutrients for proper and healthy development. Pregnancies aren’t perfect, but with Herbaby, they can be wonderful.

Herbaby, supporting you and baby.



We’re moms too! And we’ve all had our struggles during pregnancy. We looked far and wide for a prenatal supplement to provide specific answers to our individual pregnancy woes, but were unable to find anything that suited us completely. 

So, after tons of research, re-formulations, and painstaking time spent, we created something truly incredible. A powerful supplement that addresses each of your pregnancy concerns to make it more enjoyable, healthy, and satisfactory. 

Herbaby is a prenatal multi-vitamin that’s designed to help you and your baby have the best pregnancy possible. We know, all too well, that pregnancy can be an incredibly difficult time for women, so we formulated this supplement with all-natural ingredients to support your energy levels, strengthen your body’s functions, and regulate hormonal changes to make sure your nine months are as enjoyable as possible.

We’ve packed Herbaby full of nutrients for you and for your baby:

For Mom:

-Essential blend of nutrients to boost strength and provide natural energy

-Optimal levels of vitamin B6 to help with nausea, gas, constipation, and upset stomach

-Bioavailable iron to help fight fatigue and dizziness

-Extra Vitamin B12 for energy

-Easy-to-digest to keep nausea and constipation to a minimum

For Baby:

-A blend of 25 vitamins and minerals for health development

-Methylfolate, a powerful folic acid, to support brain and spinal chord development

-Nutrients to decrease risk of neural defects

We also made sure to keep harmful substances out of it. You won’t find any:

-Artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavorings





-Binders or fillers

All this to ensure that your pregnancy is perfect.

  • Mix in 8-12 oz of water
  • Consume with food
  • May be combined with other Mixhers Products
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  • Free shipping for carts over $150 
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