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Nutrition Facts

Cravings are strong. You’re stronger.

Hercrave is a craving-curbing, sweet-tooth-eliminating, all-natural supplement. Our blend of natural ingredients send the same signals of satisfaction to your brain that fries or sweets send, but without all the weight-gaining calories. With Hercrave, you can gain power over cravings, choosing how and when you snack.

As healthy women, we NEED to eat lots of healthy and nourishing foods that support hormonal health. Hercrave’s purpose is not meant to control hunger. Instead, it’s designed to help control unhealthy cravings naturally. There’s a difference between true hunger and unhealthy cravings caused by hormonal imbalance. Hercrave specifically helps increase sensitivity to our central hunger hormone leptin, which signals to our brain that we are full and satisfied.

Hercrave contains a protein extract naturally found in white potatoes that is proven to curb appetite for up to three hours by triggering the release of CCK, a hormone that tells your brain you’re full.

You can mix Hercrave Flavorless into pretty much anything! Any drink, yogurt, cottage cheese, you name it! Then there are Hercrave Pixies which are taken like a pixie stick, straight to mouth!

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